My Editing Rates

OK -- So I offer a few different types of editing. And yes, I know what I'm doing. I've edited friends mss and I edit for two publishers (ooh...real authors who are being published ;))

"Omg!  You are so wonderful!  My story sounds amazing! ...
                                                            ...  Thank you soooooo much!!!"
 "You made my story sound like it sounds in my head 
                when I think about it."
                                --  Laura Robinett - Glyptic

*To start, before we get to the manuscripts, there's the basic query critique.
  • This is $20 and will get your query down to the basics--all you need to get an agent or editor to want to read more. Because that's what a query is for. It's not to summarize your book and to go on and on about how great the book is. It's not even about your bio -- you want to limit that to only the important things.
    I'll make sure your query shines with your voice and gives just enough to make an agent say, "Yes! I must read more of this" (Of course I can't guarantee every agent will do this because writing is so subjective, but you get my point.)
    I'll make your query sparkle like it should.

*The next thing I offer is a manuscript read-through.
  • This is $50 / 1st 50 pages and it's simply where I read part of your ms and write up a general overview of what I thought. I'll talk about plot, structure, character development, pacing, dialogue, overall writing style and strength, the strengths and weaknesses in general, as well as your writing voice. I'll do this as both an editor and a reader, so you'll have dual viewpoints and be able to see what you might want to work on.

*A content critique is your next, more detailed option.
  • This one is $100 / 1st 50 pages, but it involves much more. I spend a lot of time on each page and use track changes and comments to point out every little thing that doesn't seem to work or fit. I'll tell you if there's too much info, or if things need to be fleshed out more. I will get to the meat of everything and really let you know what works and what doesn't. (Yes, i put compliments in the comments! :)) When people critique my work, this is the one I find most useful -- it helps me revise and polish in a way no other critique can do. I will correct simple punctuation mistakes that jump out at me because it's just something I can't overlook, but I try to because this isn't a line/copy edit. It's more just a micro version of the read-through, but not an *actual* micro edit...

*I offer a read-through and a content critique combined, as well.
  • This is $125 / 1st 50 pages. By doing both, you're saving yourself some money (because you're saving me time) and you're getting the best of everything. You'll know what a reader and editor thinks of everything about the most important part of your novel.

*If you'd like your full manuscript critiqued (up to 80k words):
  • A read-through is $150 and
  • A read-through with a content critique is $250.

*If there is anything else you are needing or wanting just click on the *contact* tab. 
Send me a message and I'll work with you on a price. Simple enough!  :D

Also, I mentioned line and copy editing ... I don't really do those as much because different publishers use different style guides, so it's hard to know which way to go, but if you are interested and know what style guide to use, or how certain things are to be formatted, then feel free to ask me about that service, as well.

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