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What to say about myself?  Hmm...

                                                     *** Wrote this when I first started the page ***
                                                           Most still holds true... and I edited some...

Well, first of all, I write. Big surprise there. My first book that's out in queryland and in editor's and agent's hands was my first attempt at a full-length novel. 
And I have to say, I'm pretty darn proud of myself. Along the way, while writing it, I found a lot of other things to keep me busy. These things slowed down the book writing process, but I think it was all for a good reason. Made me a more seasoned writer. Rather than whipping out a first draft in a few months and submitting away, I had time to work with critique partners, listen to myself, work with an editor, and all the other good things that go along with becoming a better writer. I grew to know myself, my characters, and my voice on a much deeper level.

I began writing for a website, If You Give A Girl A Pen..., which led to writing a monthly article for Fuel Your Writing (part of Fuel Brand, Inc.) and that, in turn, led to a Co-Editing position at FYWriting, which I have done for the past year.
Now I'm venturing into fiction editing. I've done a lot of it, actually, but the goal (and I'm almost/maybe/possibly there -- eta OK, I made it. Yay! * at etopia press) is to be an acquisitions editor and then to work closely with the authors on substantive/content editing before the work goes to line editing. It's something I have an extreme passion for, and it's why I ultimately went to college. 
So, that's one dream coming true
If one of these agents or publishers likes my work enough to offer a contract, well, I suppose I'll be in heaven.

(eta It's interesting how often and how quickly things change. For one, my book is only out with small presses -- no agents anymore AND if I don't get an offer, I'm going to self-publish. I've been researching like crazy ... which you can read about on my writing blog *link on the left*
I don't want a big publisher because I want control and I also want to know how much I'm making and to be able to start making money right away -- get the book out there!
I almost don't even want a contract offer ... OK, that's kind of dumb and not true ... but if I didn't want one it would be because then I'd know I was meant to self-publish. But two of the publishers, although small, are really great and one of them is kind of a bigger small press people know of, so I'd be glad if they offered me something. And my best version is out with them, so ... we'll hear in January.......)

(edited again::  It's now January and I've found the Perfect Publisher -- 
Night Publishing -- I was offered another deal but I ultimately felt more comfortable with Night. They suit me and my writing in so many ways. And I know a few of the already pubbed authors, which makes it pretty cool to be with the likes of them ... they're all Amazing writers!! I'm beyond thrilled :D :D :D They're an indie publisher so I get to retain control of my book (of course editing will be done...) but I'll also have the support of  publisher and other writers. Perfect!!)

I am a freelance author. I write articles for different publications and am looking to expand on that, 
I'm a mom and have the greatest family ever. I'm busy and blessed.
I have my problems, but because of them, I know what to appreciate and value in life and those are the things I devote my time to.

In an ideal world, I'd be able to do more. I'd love to go to school for interior design. Homeschooling, or even unschooling, would be an option for my daughter -- if I had the time.
I'd keep up with my garden a bit more. I used to hate that kind of thing, but once you have your own  house and your own space to grow things, it's just the best feeling. 
I read as much as I can, as I think it expands so much in your mind and soul and everything else, but it also makes you a better writer. Unfortunately, I don't have the time I used to -- I was reading two to three books a week, but not anymore. Now I just try to make sure the laundry and dishes are done on a regular basis!

I could go on and on, and usually I do. (Anyone who emails me often can attest to this fact -- I don't know when to shut up.) I guess a writer is a writer is a writer.
                                             And I -- yes -- am a writer! 

blue is pretty much the greatest color ever. next to pink. just saying...